3D Coat 4.9.72 Crack Patch Free Download Latest Version 2021

3D Coat 4.9.72 Crack Patch Free Download Latest Version 2021

3D Coat Crack 4.9.69 Patch Free Download Latest Version3D Coat 4.9.72 Crack is an advanced program designed to allow you to easily create detailed 3D models with which you can add texture, color, and various special effects. 3D-Coat is one of the 3D apps that has been under the radar of the wider 3D art community for many years. However, this little gem of a program is getting more and more attention due to its excellent development and very competitive pricing. Pilgway, the company that created and developed 3DCoat Animation, has done an exceptional job in raising awareness of its programs by focusing primarily on program quality and customer service.

As the software is state of the art, its interface had to include a large number of functions and options. Another great thing about the interface is that you have a lot of presets and swatches that you can use to start modeling or texturing projects. Plus, you can combine these presets to get the desired result very quickly. The new PBR (Physical Rendering) window simplifies working with your models and shows the results in real-time. The workspace has been carefully removed so that you can have an excellent overview of the current project.

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The easy control of the 3D environment with the mouse only allows you to quickly inspect and modify the 3D model. Besides, the menus on the side of the actual workspace provide quick access to the tools you need to edit your illustration design. Most digital image processing and editing programs use the layering system to allow you to disassemble your project and work on each component. 3D-Coat Latest goes even further by integrating the layering system into the 3D modeling process.

These layers can contain depth, color, and specular and can be edited by adding extrusion, transparency, contrast, depth product, or additional specular. Any level can be easily closed or opened at any time, allowing you to quickly try out different versions of the project. The program offers a large collection of effects and textures that you can use when creating a 3D model. In addition to retopology and UVs, Voxel Sculpting allows you to create highly detailed and realistic models with which you can easily add color and texture.

3D Coat 4.9.72 Crack Patch Free

The wide range of options and features offered by the 3D-Coat Latest Version, as well as the intuitive interface and easy mouse control over the workspace, make the program a sophisticated and professional tool for 3D sculpting with impressive realistic results. Well below the price of other 3D sculpting/modeling apps, 3D-Coat is a steal. Updated features, a better Applink app, and an extremely fun modeling and texturing process make 3D-Coat the best choice for independent artists, game producers, and professionals who want to quickly create a pattern or texture.

Overall, the 3D-Coat feel is pretty clear and fast, with all the selections, window navigation, etc. It is fast and sensitive. Most of the user interface can be customized, layouts can be saved and restored. Navigation via mouse and keyboard is also customizable, like Mudbox and ZBrush, so you can adjust window navigation and other buttons to mimic the settings of other apps you use. So download 3D Coat Latest Version and install this software to get stunning results.


  • Well-known application for retopology.
  • User-friendly interface
  • 3D rendering is also known in the gaming industry


  • It is not a voxel program.
  • This is a paid texture program.

3D Coat Crack 4.9.69 Patch Free Download Latest Version

What’s New

  • Many improvements to the brush engine
  • New modifiers: Relax, Sharpen, Food details.
  • New brushes: sharp, super smooth. These brushes are valence-independent concerning normal Grid
  • reprojection. Sharpening performs local compression towards convex/concave surface details.
  • Introduction to location sampling.
  • Selection of separate normals and location methods in the user interface.
  • Pinch the roof to preserve the details while pinching.
  • Fix the Presets panel on the taskbar.

Features of 3D Coat:

  • Physically-based rendered viewport in real-time with HDR.
  • Intelligent materials with configuration options.
  • Snaps, materials, and masks for 2D grating
  • Special tools for product/prototype modeling
  • Multiple paint layers, blending modes, layer groups.
  • Close interaction with Photoshop.
  • Texture size up to 16K.

System Requirements: 

  • Operating System: Windows 7\8\10 or later   
  • Processor: 2.0 GHz dual-core recommended, 2.8GHz single-core Processor or 300 MHz  
  • RAM: 512 MB   
  • HDD: 300 MB free space   
  • Screen Resolution: 1024 x 600 pixels, High Color or True Color 

License Code: 


Activation Key: 


Serial Key: 


How to Install

  • Firstly, download the 3D Coat Cracked
  • Secondly, run the file and a wizard window will appear 
  • Then click the next button 
  • Moreover, accept the license agreement 
  • Also, click the next button 
  • After completing installation then click the finish button 

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