Global Mapper 23.0.6 Crack License Key Full Version Download 2022

Global Mapper 23.0.6 Crack License Key Full Version Download 2022Global Mapper 23.0.6 Crack is state-of-the-art GIS software that provides novice and experienced geospatial professionals with a full suite of spatial data processing tools with access to a unique variety of data formats. Currently, in its third decade of development Global Mapper continues to leap forward in the global geospatial community.

From its humble beginnings as a simple data visualization tool GIS has grown into a major player in the software industry with an unrivaled collection of tools to create organized processes and analyze data at an affordable price. Global Mapper helps extend access to GIS technology by removing the costs and availability barriers found in traditional GIS applications.

The user interface may seem a little overwhelming at first glance, but that’s only because the app comes with a lot of special features. To get the most out of each built-in tool users are advised to consult detailed documentation. Global Mapper supports a wide variety of data formats: GeoPDF DLG DRG DOQ DEM DGN DTED DWG DXF GPX SDTS DEM ECW GRD JPEG CADRG CIB KML KMZ and also fully LiDAR feature implementations.

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Users face four main tasks: opening data files downloading data from online sources, configuring program settings, or uploading sample data. Global Mapper Latest Version allows users to zoom in and out of the map, preview data in 3D select a background color draw and measure parts/areas, select vector properties areas lines, and points view sets of height data loaded, and execute Lines. visual field calculations and more.

Additionally, there are several tools designed to help you create an elevation grid from 3D vector data, combine or compare soil layers create contours and watersheds find ridgelines, and measure the volume between surfaces. Other important features to mention allow users to enable GPS functionality to mark waypoints and select new areas on the map and change their properties based on type e.g.

Sands watersheds woods lakes islands reserves name and distance. The generated data can be exported to multiple file formats such as PDF JPG PCX PNG RAW KML KMZ DXF SVG and others. Global Mapper is also available in French German Spanish Italian Japanese Korean Polish and Turkish versions.

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Contact the appropriate Blue Marble partner to purchase the language version of your choice. A single node license is written on a single computer. Re-authorization is allowed only if verification of software removal can be provided. Client system updates require verification of removal before updating, so new licenses may be issued. See the licensing policy for Blue Marble Geographics Global Mapper’s full licensing policy.

All in all Global Mapper App is a reliable application that combines many useful functions to help you manage GIS data efficiently. It is particularly suitable for those looking for a powerful GIS package to meet their needs and for those dealing with compatible geographic datasets.

It’s a pleasure to use when you realize Lidar and imaging is where this software shines. Here are tools you haven’t seen on many specials that cost three or four times the price. While the interfaces and menus can be tweaked a bit some great tools are worth the money on their own.


  • Handles almost all mapping formats
  • Includes tools useful for many operations with map layers.
  • Robust LiDAR display and processing
  • Reads a large number of formats
  • Advanced report processing tools
  • Swiss army knife in GIS analysis
  • 64 bit with a user-friendly interface
  • Publish web maps with MangoMap


  • Affordable but not open source
  • Poor symbolization and printing layout

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What’s New

  • Fixed an issue when loading some GeoPackage files.
  • Notify users when the undo button stops the application.
  • Feature model improvements.

Features Global Mapper:

  • Global Mapper works easily with 3D data as well as 2D data.
  • One of Global Mapper’s unique and distinctive features is its wide and diverse support for the data format.
  • Import and export data from your spatial databases.
  • View and process point files with one billion or more points.
  • Global Mapper has built-in support for importing and exporting data in Google’s KML / KMZ format.
  • A standard feature of Global Mapper is the ability to import almost any image file and create a geo-aligned and scaled raster layer.
  • The Graphics and Graphics Manager allows the user to create charts and tables from the loaded data.
  • Global Mapper offers unlimited possibilities to assign specific visual properties to vector elements on the map.
  • Many functions in Global Mapper can be performed by starting a script.
  • Global Mapper includes a large number of functions for handling imported data.
  • Global Mapper includes a complete custom menu for managing GPS data.
  • When it comes time to share your maps or data, it offers many output options.

System Requirements: 

  • Operating System: Windows 7\8\10 or later   
  • Processor: 2.0 GHz dual-core recommended, 2.8GHz single-core Processor or 300 MHz  
  • RAM: 512 MB   
  • HDD: 300 MB free space   
  • Screen Resolution: 1024 x 600 pixels, High Color or True Color 

License Code: 



Activation Key: 



Serial Key: 



How to Install? 

  • Firstly, download the Global Mapper Free or load it from DVD
  • Secondly, run the file and a wizard window will appear 
  • Then click the next button 
  • Moreover, accept the license agreement 
  • Also, click the next button 
  • After completing installation then click the finish button 

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